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10 Ideas To Create Your Home Office


Your workspace must be an area where you can find organization, inspiration, concentration and more when it comes to having it at home. Here you will find some ideas to build your own productive oasis by incorporating some of the trends of the moment:

  1. Visual Inspiration: Combine bold colors with clean, minimalist designs to keep your workflow fluid without being distracted.
  2. Elegance: Consider using a wooden desk with a synthetic leather chair in a corner of a traditional room can give it the elegant touch you were looking for in your workspace.
  3. Open Air Workspace: You can place your desk facing a door or window that you can open or close to allow nice air circulation. In this case, opt for transparent materials, minimalist textures and organic colors.
  4. Industrial Style: Consider installing a metal bookshelf, lamp, or desk combined with minimalist objects which will balance the rustic charm of metal.
  5. Mixed Materials: If what you are looking for is a space with lots of personality, combine different types of materials such as metal, wood, leather and glass. Just remember the most important thing is not to overdo it.
  6. Trees, trees and more trees: Place plants on your desk and around your workspace to add a touch of nature to the surroundings. A natural and very decorative element with minimal upkeep to consider are cacti.
  7. Relaxed workplace: You can create a workspace consisting of two separate moods: one where the desk is and the other where you have a sofa with magazines or a television to rest. This will provide you with two separate spaces to focus and relax.
  8. Hide the Clutter: Use a large cabinet to store all the documents and papers that you don't want to be visible to other people, allowing you to achieve a minimalist look.
  9. Accent Wall: Create a cozy office in a small space, like an attic, with a decorative wall in a striking design.
  10. Vintage office: Place a shelf with old or vintage items such as photographs and gadgets to achieve a retro-looking atmosphere.

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