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10 Moving Tips For Beginners


If this is your first time moving, you must know that moving is an activity that requires a lot of work and patience, but with the right tips it can go much smoother. Here are some tips that you can implement when planning your next move:

  1. The most practical way to start the move is to go from room to room packing objects and organizing them in boxes.
  2. Write a list of the things you packed for each room and label the boxes that belong to each room.
  3. Pack objects by category, for example: electronic devices, books, clothes, etc. Don’t forget to label the boxes so that it is easier for you to find what you are looking for when you arrive at the new space.
  4. Make a list of the things you won’t need, this will allow you to know what to sell at a garage sale, give away or donate to a foundation.
  5. Download an app to help you get organized before moving. For Android and iOS, you can try Evernote, Google Keep and Letgo. On iOS you can try Home Inventory and Home Move Pro.
  6. If you have a pet, ask a friend to take care of it while you move. For some pets it can be very stressful during the move to a new home.
  7. Make time to pack, don’t leave everything until the last minute; you have a higher chance of forgetting to something or breaking an object in a hurry. Set aside time in the evenings or on weekends to pack things you don't use regularly.
  8. Before move-in day, pack essentials you want to keep with you like a change of clothes, toothbrush, medications, documents, nearby.
  9. Reserve your moving truck early, this guarantees they can provide the service when you need it. Remember, with A+ Mini Storage you can get that service, just call 305-232-1000.
  10. Prepare enough snacks and refreshments because moving can be very exhausting, and before the end of a moving day you will likely feel hungry and thirsty.

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