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10 Things You Should Know About Moving with Pets


If moving is stressful for us humans, imagine all the anxiety and fear that our pets go through as they can be more susceptible to changes in their environment. But there are always ways to make the transition more enjoyable for them. We’ve prepared some helpful tips to consider easing them into their new home successfully:

  1. Contact the vet: Before moving in, contact your veterinarian to give you pet records and recommend another veterinarian in the area where you will be relocating to.
  2. Move your pet away from the action: When moving in, keep your pet in a quiet place, away from the movement of boxes and objects. It can be with a family member, pet hotel, or friend.
  3. Keep your pet close during the move: Travel with your pet and keep them close to make them feel safer unless it is an international flight and you cannot be in contact with them.
  4. Check the documentation: If it is a move to another country and you will take a flight, check all the rules and regulations so you can travel. Hawaii for example has strict rules when bringing in an animal. Do not forget to have the documentation at hand in advanced to limit unnecessary stress.
  5. Make them feel at home: It is ideal that when your pet arrives at your new home you find familiar objects such as toys or blankets which they can use for comfort, this will help them adapt to the environment without complications.
  6. Allow them to adapt: For a few days keep your pet inside the new home to adapt. Once they are familiar with the new space, consider going on outings so they can explore their new neighborhood.
  7. Do not fear if your cat "disappears": Cats are animals that can generate a lot of anxiety and when they are in new environments, they might look for hiding places inside the house. Keep this in mind and know its normal until they adapt to their new surroundings.
  8. Avoid leaving your pet alone: This tip applies mainly to dogs since they are animals that seek to return to their former territory, so it is best that after moving you can spend several days accompanying them.
  9. Update your address: Remember to update the address and telephone number on your pet's collar. In the case you have them microchipped, update their info in the database.
  10. Transport your fish: Fish can respond strongly to changes and movement, so if you have to transport long distances, we suggest you give it to a friend. In case of short distances, you can carry it in a bag full of water from your old tank.

In conclusion, moving your pet deserves care that you cannot ignore, only then will you feel at home again. We invite you to share this article with your friends and family who may be making a move soon with their pets. For more tips or articles like this visit our blog on aplusmini.com.