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10 Things You Shouldn’t Bring When You Move To Your New Home


Moving can help you decide what things to keep and what to toss, which giving the opportunity to sell or donate items we don’t want or use anymore. Here’s a list of things you can consider to donate or sell before moving to your new house:


1. Perishable food: We recommend you to limit the amount of groceries you buy the week before moving, this way there won’t be a lot left the night before you move. Try to consume or give away the frozen products before moving.

2. Medicine: Talk to your doctor or pharmacist to transfer your prescription to the nearest pharmacy to your new home. In case you decide to transport them, make sure you do it in the safest way possible.

3. Old furniture: These are often too big and heavy to transport. Moving to a new house can be the perfect opportunity to let some old pieces go.

4. Items you no longer use: If you have clothes you’ve never worn in your closet, don’t take them with you. They will only take up space in your new home.

5. Books and big items: In some cases, books take up a lot of space when packing, just as big electronic devices like laptops, desktop computers or DVD players you don’t use anymore or often. Consider storing them in an A+ Mini Storage space to come back for later.

6. Plants and flowers: They are very delicate and can be affected by environmental changes. If you still decide to take them with you, make sure you prepare them correctly before moving by trimming and placing them in a pot with wet soil. 

7. Old Toiletries: Sometimes unpacking these items can be time consuming, that’s why some people plan ahead and only take what they’re sure they’ll be using.

8. Garage clutter: Pesticides, fertilizers, and other potentially dangerous chemical products should be discarded safely. 

9. Flammable items: Such as spray cans, paint, and gasoline.

10. Explosives: Fireworks, explosives, and toxic substances. If you have firearms, research about the security policies of the city you’re moving to.


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