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10 Tips For Storing Electronic Devices


Electronic devices require special care when it’s time to store them in a storage unit for a long period of time. Here are some tips to consider 

  1. Back up all your information: Some devices are not designed to remain unused for days, weeks or months without being connected to a power source. Therefore, secure your information by backing it up on a hard drive, a flash drive or online cloud.
  2. Save electronic items in boxes: Remember to place the heavy devices at the bottom of the box and top with the smaller and lighter electronic items. Don’t forget to fill the spaces with paper or household linen so that the items cannot move.
  3. Clean off dust: Before packing your devices, clean their surfaces to eliminate any contaminants or dust, as it can cause a problem.
  4. Extra protection to avoid static crashes: When dealing with sensitive electronic products such as computer components, cell phones or machines, wrap them in bubble wrap without static for added protection.
  5. Remove the batteries from your devices: In most cases, the batteries are go bad when they are not being used. In worst cases they can even explode and damage the devices. Therefore, remove the batteries and store them outside or recycle them. The ideal is to buy new ones when you need to use the device that you stored in your storage unit.
  6. Save the cables in a box: The best way is to disconnect them from your devices, roll them up and store them in a box. You can identify them which will make it easier to know which device the cables belong to.
  7. Avoid using plastic bags: Plastic bags, in general, retain moisture and this is fatal for your devices or electronic components, such as a circuit board. To reduce humidity, add a couple of sachets of silica that will help keep the inside of the bag dry.
  8. Use the original packaging: In the case of long-term storage, the original packaging is the best option for your devices, as it contains the internal supports designed specifically to maintain and protect that device during transport or storage in trucks, warehouses, and shelves for long periods of time.
  9. Pads to avoid bumps: When it comes to televisions, computer monitors, large sound equipment, try to use pads when you wrap them to avoid bumps, scratches, and chafing.
  10. Do not store the flat-screen TV on the floor: Store this larger electronic items leaning against the wall of the storage unit with a blanket or sheet over them.

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