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5 Creative Ways To Organize Your Books At Home


Keeping your book collection organized is synonymous of culture and gives an intellectual air to the space. Here are five creative ways to organize your books at home:

  1. Keep them where you need them most. Place your cookbooks near the kitchen, adventure books by your bedside table, crafting books on the desk that you use to craft, etc.
  2. Think about taking advantage of vertical spaces. Once you have an-idea of ​​where in your home you want to store your books, invest in shelves and bookstores to show off your collection. Some models of bookshelves even have glass doors so you can display your collection while protecting it from dust.
  3. Organize the themes by sections and subsections. For example, you can categorize by fiction or nonfiction, then, you can subdivide according to genere; Romance, mystery, suspense, etc., while the non-fiction books you can divide into categories such as history, travel, biographies, art and more. You can also organize them by author in alphabetical order.
  4. Organize children's books and motivate them to read. Participating in the organization of books encourages kids to develop good reading habits, including, to cultivate a miniature home library. Think about putting their books on a shelf above their beds or within arms reach.
  5. Consider setting up a few bookshelves that are distributed around the living space of your home to offer a more modern and fresh experience to your guests.

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