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5 Simple and Practical Ideas To Organize Your RV


An unorganized place with items everywhere around is not ideal, let alone if it's an RV with limited space to fit many people. Here are some simple and practical tips:


1. Many RVs have a lot of empty space close to slide outs and on top of cabinets and doors. You can use these spaces to store your cooking utensils, cutting boards, and other lightweight objects.

2. The walls and the roof can also be used to keep things organized. For example, using containers with magnets to store your spices, hanging baskets to put fruits and vegetables, and using a hanging net for clothes or toys.

3. Use plastic containers to keep all foods organized. This is a very easy way to tidy your food cabinets. It’s recommended you buy plastic containers with a tight seal in different sizes to take advantage of every little bit of space.

4. Put hooks around the RV at convenient locations to avoid placing stuff on tables or chairs. A perfect place to put them is next to the door to hang your keys or sunglasses, in the shower for towels and in the bedrooms for shirts. 

5. Don’t let empty corners go to waste, pile items vertically so you’ll have more free room in the rest of your RV.


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