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A Look Into Storage - Amazon


There is more than meets the eye when it comes to storage. From small sheds to massive warehouses, storage space helps to keep things organized and optimized. We love storage, and we know it well! That’s why we want to explore case studies that dive deeper into extreme storage spaces.

Imagine a warehouse that was 23 acres large. Internet retailer Amazon has hundreds of facilities like that, some even larger. During its humble beginnings, Amazon relied on human workers to walk the warehouse building orders to be shipped. Now, thanks to robotics and science, squat sized robots called Kiva begin zooming around the shelves, picking up goods and carrying them to the workers at their stations. The result? What used to take hours of walking can happen in mere minutes instead.

While not a threat to human workers, the Kiva robot allows hundreds of thousands of orders to be fulfilled. So much so that the company says the work they do shaves more than an hour off an average order. A product begins its life in an Amazon warehouse as employees unload packages from a truck onto a conveyer belt. A line of about 25 people stand near one conveyor belt, unloading boxes and cutting them open. Employees then unpack the boxes and place them in carts that are brought to other workers who sort the items into the shelves.

The items appear to be shelved randomly, but they're organized based upon a computer algorithm. 3,000 Kiva robots pick up shelves of products from the warehouse floor and bring them to a human employee who picks items and then packs them for shipping. With technology that large, it’s no wonder the mega shopping giant is a leader in storage solutions. Learn more about this storage king on our Instagram by clicking here.

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