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Vintage is back and those old school bell bottoms your mom used to rock in the 70’s are in for a comeback! Who can blame you for not wanting to downsize your closet? With fashion trends ever evolving there's nothing worse than having to sort through clothes to find what’s back in style.

If you have a walk in closet or extra bedroom handy, there’s no need to stress on space. However, not everyone has that luxury so considering a self-storage unit as a backup closet is a great way to ensure you never miss an opportunity to be on trend.

A+ Mini Storage offers a wide variety of interior/AC controlled units to keep your wardrobe complete. Once you’ve chosen the right space, it’s time to prep your clothes for storage. While it may be tempting to just stuff the clothes into boxes and force them shut, it’s not the best solution. The proper way to store clothes is to use wardrobe boxes or a rolling rack that you can protect the clothes with a garment bag for easy access.

If you are opting for smaller boxes to store the clothing from your dresser, fold the items neatly and place packing paper between each article of clothing to protect it from moisture or catching odors. The heavy clothing such as coats or denim should go in the bottom of the box, which should then be loosely packed to avoid damaging the clothing.

Keeping all your clothes in storage is a great way to ensure you’re always on trend and never lose sight of your vintage pieces. If you’re not sure which unit is right for you visit any of A+ Mini Storage conveniently located facilities and a helpful associate will be able to get you the perfect space that will suit your needs. For more storage tips or a quote on a self-storage unit for your off-season clothes, contact A+ Mini Storage today.