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Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Bathroom Organized


When children have their own bathroom, it can be a challenge to get them to keep it clean and tidy. This usually results in some stress and frustration, but by implementing these tips you can ensure the space stays organized and mess-free for longer periods of time.

  • Consider open shelving: These work perfectly so that children have easy access to their items, gain more storage, as well as provides an elegant touch to the space. Don’t forget to install these shelves at a suitable height for them so it’s easy to access.
  • Add some step stools: Remember that children often cannot reach certain shelves or products inside the bathroom, especially when it comes to the sink, so some step stools help and at the same time prevent them from making excess mess while trying to access the sink or reach for something else.
  • Storage baskets: This work great to store hygiene products, towels, bathrobes, dirty clothes, and more. The best thing is they can be beautiful, practical and don’t take up too much space. You can have different colors and sizes and use them to teach your child to classify things where each one goes.
  • Bath-Toy Storage: One nifty hack is to use a lingerie bag as storage for your child's shower or tub toys such as rubber ducks, dolls, foam letters, mermaids, and more. This allows your toys to fully dry and stay protected against mold. You can even hang it on a hook in the shower easy access and quick storage.

With these ideas you can motivate your child to keep the bathroom clean and tidy and encourage them to own their space. This will hopefully transcend to other rooms. To get more tips like these or learn about other organizational ideas visit our blog on aplusmini.com.