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Garage Organization & Storage


If you’re like many homeowners, odds are you look to your garage to store all the odds and ends you have no use for inside the home. A garage is more than a place in which to park your car; it’s also a common household storage center. A+ Mini Storage has a few tips on how to keep your garage from looking like a disaster zone.

  • Get rid of all the clutter: Before you start organizing your garage you need to clean it out of all the clutter. Analyze the area closely and decide what you want to keep and what you can live without. Perhaps you can sell some items in a yard sale or donate to charity. Once you rid the clutter you can begin organizing more efficiently.
  • Separate items into sections: When the space has been uncluttered, you can begin organizing. One way to do this is by placing the tools in one section and yard equipment in the other. This will not only make the garage look more organized but also easier to find things when needed.
  • Use shelves, bins, and hooks to your advantage: Floor and wall shelving comes in handy for organizing lots of items. A pegboard for example works with hooks to keep tools and items up off the floor and up on the wall where it’s easy to see. Stacking crates also proves extra storage space without taking up valuable real estate.

A+ Mini Storage has conveniently located facilities around South Florida to help you organize your garage and keep it that way. Hanging the tools and placing bins can make things look tidier, but sometimes you may have too many items and need some extra space. We’ll help you find the perfect-sized unit to store away the clutter so that you can make extra space in your garage for more important things.