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Helpful Tips for Living Alone for The First Time


Living alone may be an adventure for some, but for others it can prove to be a bit overwhelming. Whether it’s sourcing the right location, making friends, or finding the right space for you, here are some tips to ease your worries and make your solo transition a smooth one.

  • Security is key: Before you decide on which area you want to live in, there are some things to consider that will ensure peace of mind and security. Research the crime rate in the neighborhood, this will provide you with a glance at the area and potential threats that reside in it. Increase your sense of security by changing the locks of your new place. Ask your landlord if this is an option or make a request and offer to pay for it.
  • Try to meet your new neighbors: Once you find the perfect spot and get settled, introduce yourself to your neighbors who will be the firsts to potentially respond should there every be a real emergency. Not only does it help ease the uncertainty of living alone, they may provide information about the neighborhood you did not already know or become new friends.
  • Have fun decorating: One of the advantages of living alone is that you can decorate your space as you want, you don't have any compromise with someone's style. So start dreaming about your ideal decor, and planning how you'll want to decorate or organize each room.
  • Maintain a monthly budget: With the right budget you can manage your money in the best way possible which will help make the move a lot less stressful. Keep in mind that sometimes you must make sacrifices, such as living in a smaller place or not going out as often in order to save money, but keeping a tight budget will be much less stressful in the long run than an empty bank account.

Here are some easy ways you can save money and spend less when living alone:

    • Buy second-hand furniture.
    • Remember to grocery shop for one.
    • Take public transport or ride a bike instead of paying for Ubers or taxis.
    • Consider renting a small self-storage to help store excess belongings until you find a larger space.

Enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of living alone and limit the stress of uncertainty. If downsizing means you can’t bring all your childhood memories with you, a self-storage unit is a perfect, low-cost solution to securely store your items until you’re ready to bring them home with you. A+ Mini Storage has many conveniently located facilities available to help you get started. Visit aplusmini.com for more information.