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Holiday Decorations


The holiday season is just around the corner. Pumpkins and scarecrows are beginning to overlook fields and mazes as well as Christmas lights being strung from every roof. If you are like most people, retrieving these decorations from the cluttered garage can cause headaches and unneeded stress. This year save yourself the time and effort by investing in a storage unit with A+ Mini Storage.

Opening up shattered Christmas decorations or lights that don’t work can be extremely frustrating- especially if the decorations were expensive or had sentimental value. Taking these extra steps to properly store Christmas decorations can save you heartbreak, money, and tons of space.

Artificial trees are excellent money savers come the holidays, but to have these trees last you need a climate controlled storage unit to prevent humidity or damage from uncontrolled temperatures. Moisture can attack your stored items if they are not stored in a climate-controlled space. If you store your decorations in the garage or on any other concrete surface, those areas are generally damp. Your safest option is to wrap your items in bubble wrap and safely place them in a plastic box within your A+ Mini Storage unit.

Holiday decorations are valuable memories that you're ready to show each year. When you put your holiday decorations in self-storage, you'll have the storage to secure them better, keep them where you can find them, and make some extra space in your home. You will be glad you took a few extra steps to store your holiday decorations next year, and even more satisfied by choosing A+ Mini Storage to store your items.