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How To Choose Between Different Size Of Storage Units


Choosing the correct size of self-storage is important so that it effectively covers your needs for additional space and avoid wasting money. To decide which unit is right for you, consider these three steps:

  • Step one: take an inventory of the things you would put inside your self-storage unit, even take your measurements so you know the space you need it to have. Remember that in the case of some furniture you can take them apart to organize them better within the unit.
  • Step two: Check out the unit sizes that is offered. At A + Mini Storage you can choose from the following options:
    • 5x5: Equivalent to a regular closet.
    • 5x10: Equivalent to a walk-in closet.
    • 5x15: Equivalent to a large closet.
    • 10x10: Equivalent to a half of a one-car garage.
    • 10x15: Equivalent to a two-thirds of a one-car garage.
    • 10x20: Equivalent to a standard one-car garage.
    • 10x25: Equivalent to a one-car garage.
    • 10x30: Equivalent to a standard two-car garage.
  • Step three: Be aware of the total size of the unit you are going to choose and consider the three dimensions of your items: length, width and height. Remember that sofas and dressers can be placed on one of their sides to make the most of the space and you can consider using shelves which will help you store more items vertically in the unit.

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