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How To Make Room At Home For A Small Office


In the last few years, freelancing jobs have massively increased and now our office can be just a few steps away from our bed. So, how can you organize your house’s space to have a nice and comfortable office?

If the space we count with is not that big, we can put the office in:

  • A spare room.
  • A corner of the living-room.
  • A bedroom.

Examine every corner thoroughly and look for a piece of furniture that adjusts well to the available space. A great option is retractable furniture, which you can assemble and disassemble very easily and will help you recover some of the space that regular furniture takes up.

If you only use electronic devices, consider a foldable table. A good table and some imagination can turn a workstation into a motivating and practical place.

Be careful when putting heavy things on shelves. If you don’t use the right screws on walls that are not resistant, you can cause disaster. Use the walls to put a cork board that will help you plan and organize your day-to-day activities and ideas.

Remember that it’s important to be in a well-lit space to not hurt your eyes trying to read in the dark, so

Be sure to put your office next to a window or close to a place where natural light hits.

When organizing your office try to use furniture that allows you to keep a proper, healthy and comfortable posture while you work, where the monitor is right in front of you and your back is at a 90° angle.

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