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How To Organize Your Garage


Often times the garage is the one room of the home that gets negleted the most.  Consider these tips below to organize and optimize your garage to meet your family’s needs:

  1. Consider taking storage up the walls, such as installing hooks, brackets and wall accessories to organize your garage more efficiently.
  2. Use plastic containers, which are incredible to separate and organize items, such as sports equipment. Consider boxes of different colors to store things and separate them by category, such as office, toys, gardening, etc.
  3. Include shelves in the corners of the garage. Some shelves, because of their shape can be perfectly placed in the corners. You can use waste plywood or fiberboard that fits the corner posts and is supported by dowels to place items such as glues, oils, and wax and polish products.
  4. Why not consider the roof? Some containers can be screwed into the garage ceiling, storing light and medium-sized items such as Christmas ornaments and camping equipment.
  5. Store everything else in plastic boxes or containers, because they last longer and are resistant to moisture. In addition, you can change the labels as many times as you want.

Using these tips will help streamline your surroundings. If you need more space and you don't have enough space in your home, find a self-storage unit that fits your needs at