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How To Organize Your Storage Unit In 5 Simple Steps


Whether you have a small or large storage unit there is always the opportunity to make better use of space and organizing it to avoid headaches in the future when it’s time to pull something out.  Here are some quick tips you can follow to achieve a maximized storage space:

  1. Organize by type or by room: You need a method to make it easier for you to locate your items and the boxes that contain them. Here are two excellent ways to store it: the first is by type, that is, a section for books, for kitchen utensils, one for bedding, etc. The second way is by rooms, that is, put together the boxes for the living room, the kitchen boxes, the garage.
  2. Identify the items you need most: Consider carefully placing in the front of your storage unit the items that you will need to use most, such as sporting equipment, decorations, etc.
  3. Use a box sizes wisely: Take advantage of the different box sizes by storing items appropriately in those sizes. Do not forget that large boxes are ideal for items that are not too heavy but can hold well at the bottom of large batteries.
  4. Use shelves: Shelves are an excellent option to save space and have items at your fingertips. Just make sure to use sturdy shelves along the wall of the unit.
  5. Maximize the space by splitting your furniture: When packing the furniture to store it in your storage unit, dismantle it as much as possible. For items such as dresser drawers that cannot be broken down, pack smaller boxes and fragile items in the drawers and underneath.

If you don’t currently have a storage unit and want more information visit to find a conveniently located facility near you.