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How To Store Furniture The Right Way


Storing all kinds of furniture in your self-storage unit can be a bit of a puzzle. Mastering the right arrangements of tables, desks, chairs, appliances, etc., brings many challenges. Regardless of the item, with these tips in mind you can be sure that they will be properly stored and preserved for time to come.

  • Be sure the space is clean: The place where you store your furniture must be clean to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Clean wooden or plastic furniture very well with mild soap, a feather duster, and/or a wood cleaner. Use a fabric or upholstery cleaner for sofas and chairs; In addition, vacuum the cushions and check that they are free of food or other particles.
  • Take the furniture apart: Remove bed frames and pieces of desks, tables, and shelves so they are in smaller pieces; In addition, place the screws and bolts in labeled Ziploc bag or container for easy assembly. This will help you transport them much easier and will allow you to make better use of the space in your self-storage.
  • Wrap furniture: Make sure the furniture is completely covered. You can use thick plastic to wrap it, as this will create a barrier against moisture and bad odors. You can also use old blankets or sheets. Another important tip is to put pallets or plastic sheeting on the floor and mount the furniture on top to prevent moisture from seeping into them.
  • Protect your glassware: The glass portions of your furniture can be wrapped in wrapping paper. For added protection you can use bubble wrap or put the pieces in a box. Never use tape over the glass or it will leave a sticky residue.
  • Get a climate-control unit: These types of units avoid humidity and changing temperatures, ideal for storing valuable wooden furniture and sofas with delicate fabrics.
  • Don’t leave food behind: It is important that you don’t leave perishable food in your self-storage because it can attract insects and unwanted bugs.

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