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Hurricane Supplies

Hurricane supplies not only keep your home safe but also offer peace of mind. With so many variables and potential threats associated with hurricanes, the list of supplies grows exponentially year after year. While the hurricanes may be seasonal, the space taken up in your home by the supplies is not. 


Thankfully, A+ Mini Storage can help, with conveniently located facilities all across South Florida, where you can safely store your supplies. Below are just a few of the items you might already own that would benefit being in storage: 


- Plywood: A simple DIY plywood window protection system can make a difference in keeping your home and possessions safe during hurricanes. When a storm threat is active, stores quickly sell out of this simple yet effective supply, making them hard to find, or worse, inflated in cost when found. 

- Coolers: While economical and convenient when faced with the potential threat of losing power, coolers of all shapes, sizes, and materials tend to take up a lot of space in your home. 

- Generators: When the storm passes and the power still hasn’t been restored, generators serve as a valuable stand by while you wait. This equipment is bulky and requires gasoline to power on. This means you not only need the generator itself, but also the empty gas cans ready to be filled at a moment’s notice. 

- Battery Powered Items: Radios, lanterns, and even fans are all coveted necessities before, during, and after a storm. These items all serve a wide variety of purposes but also take up a lot of much needed space when not in use. 


Customers who store their hurricane preparedness essentials at A+ Mini Storage benefit from the security and convenience of knowing they’re ready to face any storm. Rent a space today and stop by anytime to retrieve your items well before the storm hits, freeing up space in your home – and making it easy to come by whenever to pick up your supplies should a storm be on the horizon.