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Living with Less


The minimalist movement is sweeping the country by storm. A generation once obsessed with acquiring more and more things is now looking at ways to simplify their lives and opt for quality over quantity. If you are a beginner or even already dabbling in your journey to simplify your living, below are some easy to follow steps to get your started:

  1. Make a list: Writing down all the reasons you want to simplify your life. Whether that is a garage, closet, spare bedroom, or your entire home. Making a list makes it easy to commit to your decision later and less likely to go back on your decision to lead a minimalistic life. 
  2. Discard: Sort through all your items and identify whether it’s something you can live without. If you’re looking to rid yourself of some clothes, keep only the items that fit and flatter, classic pieces you can dress up or down, as well as any items you wear regularly. This will allow you to clear space and do away with any items you haven’t worn since 1998.
  3. A Purpose for Everything: Evaluate your home and consider the purpose for each object. Do you have any items that simply do not meet any real purpose or goal? Seek to simplify the clutter by ensuring everything serves a purpose and adds value to your life and home.
  4. Ensure Clutter Does Not Return: Once you’ve successfully cleared space and simplified things, make a commitment to not allow clutter back into your home. One helpful tip is to rent a self-storage space. A+ Mini Storage offers a wide variety of units both inside and out to accommodate all your needs. Allowing you to take up that new sporting hobby you’ve always wanted without sacrificing space in your home for all that extra equipment.

With these simply steps you’re on your way to living a minimalist lifestyle. Just take it one step at a time.