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Preparing for Baby



Expanding your family and bringing a baby around is an exciting time that brings with it a lot of unknown circumstances and learning experiences. Not only are you working to ensure your home is baby proof and filled with all the essentials, the extra space you once had for that bar cart has now been replaced with a bouncer and changing pad.

This shrinking space is a universal problem many face. Often folks are conflicted with the struggle of giving away or selling existing furniture/items to make space. This process is not only stressful, it usually ends in regret as once baby grows you’ll find yourself needing those items once more.

The perfect solution to this temporary situation is acquiring a self-storage space. A+ Mini Storage has a wide variety of spaces available for you to safely and securely store all your essentials allowing you to retrieve them once your new addition has outgrown their highchair.

After you’re done it’s important to not throw anything away. All the items new parents acquire, from car seats to bouncers, can and will be used again. Whether in your home, when you’re bringing up baby’s little brother or sister (baby No. 2); or when your bestie decides to take the plunge into parenthood.

No matter what stage in the process you’re in, a self-storage unit is a perfect solution to all your space issues. A+ Mini Storage can provide you with not only the right sized unit but also boxes and supplies needed to store your essentials for when you really need them. Visit our website today to find a conveniently located facility near you, and get back to focusing on the important stuff, such as your growing family!