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Sporting Equipment


It is very important to take care of sports equipment when not in use. Most types of sports equipment will last years if it is properly taken care of. However, without a basement or garage, keeping your gear in place can become more difficult. That is why A+ Mini Storage is here to help. Renting out a storage unit will help with household storage issues and reduce the amount of clutter in the home.

When considering storage for sports equipment, you’ll quickly find that you want to be able to see the items you’re storing. When you use laundry bags, you’re able to see and identify your gear. In addition, you can store all the items for each sport together, allowing you to make a quick stop by A+ Mini Storage to grab your gear and go.

A 4x5 unit is the perfect storage size to store seasonal sporting items. In a storage unit, store the current season’s equipment closer to the door and then rotate the items based on the need and the time of the year. A+ Mini Storage has safe and secure storage solutions that will give you peace of mind that your sports equipment is safe while in one of our storage units.