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The Ten Best Cities To Live In The United States If You’re In Your 30s


The new generation of young adults seeks to live in cities where houses, jobs, and entertainment is easy to access. They also analyze the quality of life they can achieve. After reviewing all the potential cities to live, the below ranked top 10 for individuals in their 30’s:


1. Clarksville, Tennessee: In this city, houses are affordable and the cost of living is low. It’s considered to be the 5th largest city in one of the most underestimated states in the country, which makes it an attractive option when looking for a house, a job, and a comfortable environment.


2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: In this city, you can find rent prices that are 25% cheaper than in the rest of the United States, as well as affordable houses. It also has remarkable universities like Carnegie Mellon, Duquesne, and Pitt.


3. Des Moines, Iowa: Unemployment rates are low, and the average family income can easily compete with other American cities. Houses are also affordable.


4. Atlanta, Georgia: This is the perfect metropolis for entrepreneurs and startups, with a growing economy and affordable suburban homes.


5. Austin, Texas: This modernized place offers you the possibility to apply for jobs in huge companies and institutions, affordable houses and an amazing weather. Also, it’s the home of a world-class university.


6. Salt Lake City, Utah: This city is gaining the reputation of being a perfect place to live in, due to it being safe, affordable and thriving. Perfect for living, working, and starting a family, considering it’s significantly cheaper than its surrounding cities.


7. Buffalo, New York: Houses are relatively cheaper, and the job market has improved notoriously. Another benefit of it is that there aren't much traffic or transportation issues like in other big metropolitan areas.


8. Tempe, Arizona: Between 40% and 45% of the population owns their home, which shows that it’s a city with low property prices. Additionally, in the last few years, technology industry has grown rapidly.


9. Cambridge, Massachusetts: An attractive spot for talented young people because of its advances in technology that is experimenting thanks to internationally renowned universities like Harvard, MIT and technology industries; Nonetheless, house prices are at the top highest ones in the country.


10. Madison, Wisconsin: It has shown important jobs growth in the last few years, the cost of living is low, and you can find modest-sized houses for prices lower than the average national price.

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