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When the need for convenient self-storage arises, there’s no better option than A+ Storage. Our top-notch self-storage facilities provide an extensive range of storage units accompanied by exceptional amenities. Experience the comfort of air-conditioned units, access to packing supplies, and a host of other advantageous perks.
Whether you’re preparing for a new addition to the family or streamlining your office space, we strive to simplify the self-storage process for residents and businesses in Miami and South Florida.



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Air-Conditioned Storage:

Ensure your belongings receive the utmost care and protection they deserve by opting for air-conditioned storage. Our self-storage facilities maintain a safe and consistent temperature range, safeguarding your items against the detrimental effects of heat and humidity. While certain items particularly benefit from this specialized storage option, it is highly recommended to provide all your belongings with the extra protection they require, especially for long-term storage.

Whether you’re entrusting us with your cherished personal treasures or storing inventory as a business owner, our air-conditioned storage units grant you peace of mind. Rest assured that your prized possessions will remain in optimal condition, even during the sweltering heat waves characteristic of South Florida.

Exotic Car Storage:

Recognizing the significance of a clean and secure storage facility for automobile enthusiasts, we proudly present Premier Car Storage, our renowned auto storage solution with over 33 years of experience in the industry. If you’re seeking the perfect space to store your collectible and exotic cars, look no further.

Catering to clients who reside outside of South Florida, we understand the needs of those who entrust us with their luxury vehicles while they are away from Miami. Premier Car Storage offers unparalleled convenience, being strategically located near Miami International Airport and just minutes away from South Beach. Our exclusive auto storage facility is the ideal choice for out-of-town car owners seeking a reliable and accessible storage solution.

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Business Storage:

A+ Storage is dedicated to assisting Miami and South Florida businesses with an array of commercial storage options. Our facilities are designed to facilitate the manageable growth of your business without the need for investing in a larger storefront or office space. By storing excess inventory offsite, you can free up valuable space and maximize your business sales potential.

Our commercial storage solutions offer numerous benefits for local companies, including the flexibility to upgrade to larger storage units as your business expands. At A+ Storage, we take pride in empowering local businesses to thrive by providing them with the perfect commercial storage solutions. Let us help your business reach new heights with our tailored and convenient storage options.

Boxes and Packing Supplies.

Standard Moving Boxes
Size (L x W x H)

Small – 18″x12″12″: $1.70
Medium – 18″x18″x16″: $2.35
Large – 18″x18″x24″: $3.00
X-Large – 23″x20″x20″: $3.75
File – 15″x10″x12″: $3.00

Custom Boxes
Wardrobe with Hanging Bar – 24″x21″x48″: $11.75
Laydown Wardrobe – $3.00
Dishpack – 28″x18″x18″: $5.45
Dish Saver Set – 12″x11″x24″: $10.50
Saf-T-Pack for Dishes – $10.20
Saf-T-Pack for Glasses – 12 Pouches: $10.20
Mirror – 30″x40″: $4.00
Lamp – 12″x12″x40″:$4.50
Electronics – 20″x20″x12″: $5.25
TV/Microwave – 26″x24″x26″: $8.00
UPS 130 – 29″x24″x24″: $5.95

Moving Box Bundles
Small Cardboard Boxes – 18″x12″x12″
Price: $1.40 each or 25@$35.00
Medium Cardboard Boxes – 18″x18″x16″
Price: $2.00 each or 15@$30.00
Large Cardboard Boxes – 24″x18″x18″
Price: $2.50 each or 15@$37.50
X-Large Cardboard Boxes – 23″x20″x20″
Price: $3.25 each or 10@$32.50
Wardrobe Boxes – 24″x24″x35″
Price: $10.00 each or 5@$50.00
Dishpack Boxes – 18″x18″x18″
Price: $5.00 each or 10@$50.00
Office File Cardboard Boxes – 15″x10″x12″
Price: $2.50 each or 12@$30.00

Bubble Wrap & More
Bubble Wrap – by the foot: $0.30
Bubble Wrap – 125 ft. box: $25.00
Foam Wrap – by the foot: $0.25
Shrink Wrap – 1000 ft. box: $9.95
Wrapping Paper – 10 lb. box $10.00
Packing Peanuts – 1.5 cu. ft. bag: $4.00
Foam Patches:
7″x7″ – $3.25
9″x9″ – $3.50
7″x11″ – $3.95
12″x12″ – $5.95
Cell Kit Dividers: $5.00
Tape & Tape Dispenser
Small Clear – 2″x55yd: $2.50
Large Clear – 2″x110yd: $5.00
Paper – 2″x55yd: $5.00
Filament – 2″x55yd: $5.00
Compact Tape Dispenser – $3.95
Tape Gun – $9.95

Rope, Knives, Etc.
Nylon Rope – $4.99
Tie-Down Rope – $4.95
Utility Knife – $1.99
Snap Off Knife – $0.99
Labels/Stickers Sheets – $0.59
Cloth Gloves Pair – $2.50
Black Markers – $1.29
Damp Rid Carton – $2.75
Damp Rid Refill – $1.19
Damp Rid Bucket – $2.25
Moon Lock – $11.95
Weatherproof Lock – $6.95
Brass Locks, 1 ½ – $3.99
Brass Locks, 1 ¾ – $5.99

Supply Kits
Quick Pack Kit – $29.95

5 – Small Boxes (18″x12″x12″)
3 – Medium Boxes (18″x16″x16″)
2 – Large Boxes (24″x18″x18″)
1 – Roll Bubble Wrap (12″x25ft)
1 – Roll Tape (2″x110yd)
1 – Master Carton (33″x8″x42″) *Can be used as a large picture box
Assorted Moving Labels

Moving Pack Kit- $49.95

5 – Small Boxes (18″x12″x12″)
7 – Medium Boxes (18″x16″x16″)
2 – Large Boxes (24″x18″x18″)
1 – XL Box (23″x23″x20″)
1 – Glass/Dish Divider Kit
2 – Rolls Bubble Wrap (12″x25ft)
2 – Rolls Tape (2″x110yd)
1 – Permanent Marker
1 – Utility Knife
1 – Master Carton (33″x8″x42″) *Can be used as a large picture box
Assorted Moving Labels

Rope, Knives, Etc.
Mattress Bags:

• Twin – $2.39
• Full – $2.89
• Queen – $3.19
• King – $3.85

Large Bag – $5.50
Giant Bag – $5.75
Jumbo Bag – $6.00
Chair Cover – $2.79
Sofa Cover – $2.89

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